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Transplant Patient Success Stories

Inspiring transplant, liver, kidney, and pancreas disease stories from patients at Methodist Dallas

Pamela Agee – paired kidney donation success story
Paired organ donation gave Pam Agee a new kidney and more time to spend with her family

Megan and Michael Brooks, kidney organ donor and transplant recipient
Wife donates kidney to husband on fourth wedding anniversary at Methodist Dallas Medical Center
Donnie Campbell – kidney transplant success story
“That family lost someone, but they blessed two people,” Donnie says. “They blessed two families.”
Manley Carpenter – kidney disease patient success story
Saving the day — and a kidney! After more than a dozen doctors failed to help Manley Carpenter, Methodist Dallas responded and restored his health
Cesar Duran – kidney transplant success story
They flew to Dallas, arriving only hours before the transplant was successfully performed by transplant surgeon Richard Dickerman, MD, FACS, also on the Methodist Dallas medical staff.

Ronny Golden – kidney transplant success story
Ronnie Golden and his wife, Sharon, are grateful to the donor's family for the gift that saved two lives.

Sergio Grifaldo – kidney transplant success story
Days after transplantation, Sergio already had more energy, and by Christmas, the brothers were feeling back to normal.
Molly Sager Harvell – kidney robotic autotransplant success story
The affected kidney is removed and then replanted several inches lower in the body to avoid the disrupted nerve fibers and alleviate her pain.
Mahmoud Shmaitelly – kidney transplant patient success story
"My new kidney gave me the liberty to explore this stage of my life — to enjoy family life, get back to hobbies, and begin a new phase of my career. I'm a free man."
Mitch York – kidney transplant patient success story
A mother’s love and the heart-lifting generosity of an organ donor can create bonds that make strangers into brothers

Kidney/pancreas transplant patient success story

Amy Brown, kidney/pancreas transplant recipient
One half of the popular Dallas musical duo, Domino Effect, is singing a sweet tune after a successful kidney/pancreas transplant at Methodist Dallas

Liver transplant patient success stories

Patricia Donato – liver cancer and liver transplant patient success story
After successful treatment for liver cancer and a liver transplant, Patricia Donato considers The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center a second home.

Javier Espinosa – liver transplant patient success story
From college senior to liver transplant patient to filmmaker, star athlete, husband, father, and beyond – watch Javier's journey following liver transplant surgery at Methodist Dallas.

Garry Renteria – liver transplant patient success story
Garry Renteria says receiving the liver of his good friend Rosemary Ybarra was a lifesaving miracle, and he feels that God has a special purpose for his second chance at life.

Glenn Salyer –liver transplant success story
“If anybody’s in the market for a transplant, send ‘em this way,” says Glenn Salyer about The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas.

Mary Wilson – liver transplant patient success story
Watch Mary Wilson, the first liver transplant patient at The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, talk about her experience