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Pearl Dennis – Bowel Surgery Success Story

Pearl Dennis is grateful for minimally invasive surgery at Methodist Dallas

Pearl Dennis Pearl Dennis sent Methodist Dallas surgeon
Preeti Malladi, MD, a card telling her that since
her surgery, "I feel better than I have in years!"

Thanksgiving 2009 wasn't the happiest family celebration for Pearl Dennis. For almost four years, eating just a bite of food had often proven too much for her system, causing nausea and pain.

Her primary care physician, William Howard, MD, an independently practicing internist on the medical staff at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, worked with her, prescribing different medications to relieve her symptoms.

"But that Thanksgiving, I was extremely nauseated and heaving with fluid, so my children took me to the emergency department," Dennis says. "We learned I had bowel blockage caused by scar tissue from an old gallbladder surgery. They used a pump to clear the blockage."

The problem returned several more times, and doctors advised Dennis that without surgical intervention, it would continue to do so.

An end to the pain

Because Dennis had been a patient of Dr. Howard's for almost 15 years, he knew her medical history and she trusted him to coordinate her care and find the right specialist to end her discomfort. Dr. Howard recommended Preeti Malladi, MD, an independently practicing surgeon on the medical staff at Methodist Dallas.

"Dr. Howard knew that Ms. Pearl's health conditions needed a surgical answer," Dr. Malladi says. "Her best option was a minimally invasive operation."

With this kind of surgery, Dennis had a smaller incision, less pain, and a shorter hospital stay.

"I received very good care at Methodist Dallas," she says. "I appreciate them so much. I feel really blessed to have good doctors and people who care. Of course, I had lots of prayers from friends and a supportive family. Did I tell you how much I love my doctors?"

Quilts and cans

A year after her successful surgery in fall 2010, Dennis says she is doing fine and is back to participating in the activities she enjoys. She has already made three complete quilts and tops for two more.

"And I read a lot," she adds. "I have also prepared strawberry jam, peaches, and creamed corn and placed them in the freezer. My children are already asking if we're having it for next Thanksgiving!"

And this year, Dennis will get to enjoy every bite.

From the winter 2011 edition of Shine magazine