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Peggy Routt – Liver Cancer and Liver Transplant Success Story

You’ve come to the right place

Peggy Routt found a one-stop shop for liver treatment at Methodist Dallas

Peggy Routt somehow had to find hope.

Being caught off guard by a dual diagnosis of liver cancer and hepatitis C had been hard enough. But then to learn that the disease had destroyed her liver was devastating.

Today Peggy knows her hope paid off.

A surprise diagnosis

Back in spring 2011, Peggy couldn’t make it to her upstairs apartment without nearly collapsing. Afraid she was experiencing heart problems, she went to an urgent care center in her hometown of San Angelo, which in turn sent her to a hospital emergency department.

“I was surprised to learn how sick I was,” Peggy says. “The hospital gave me six pints of blood because I was bleeding internally. I barely had any blood left.”

The bleeding had been caused by cirrhosis of the liver, which causes blood vessels to dilate.

After being referred to a gastroenterologist, Peggy learned that the cirrhosis was caused by untreated hepatitis C. To make matters worse, she also had liver cancer.

The gastroenterologist immediately referred her to The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center to seek the expert care of Parvez Mantry, MD, medical director of The Institute’s research and hepatobiliary tumor program.

Together we’re better

At The Liver Institute, Peggy found a strong team of clinicians focused on providing her with multidisciplinary, collaborative, and long-term care.

They treated her liver cancer, and on Jan. 7, 2012, she had a liver transplant, performed by transplant surgeon Alejandro Mejia, MD, to replace her disease-damaged liver.

With cancer behind her and her new liver working flawlessly, The Liver Institute team now had to treat her hepatitis C. Only months after the transplant, the bloodstream disease had flared up again, leading to liver failure. Peggy was placed on the waiting list for a second liver transplant.

New treatment leads to cure

Despite these setbacks, Peggy maintained a positive attitude. New treatments were being introduced, and Dr. Mantry placed Peggy on an off-label treatment.

“We have several clinical trials in new treatments for hepatitis C and are fortunate to have a team of providers well-trained and experienced in managing patients on complicated regimens,” Dr. Mantry says. “I knew the potential benefits of these new treatments, including their milder side effects and shorter treatment times — only 24 weeks as opposed to years. We eventually cured Peggy of hepatitis C — and saved her transplanted liver.”

She did not need a second transplant after all.

“The Liver Institute is leading the country with hepatitis C treatments,” Dr. Mantry says. “We are also treating and curing patients with cirrhosis, saving them from needing liver transplants.”

A month following Peggy’s transplant, her seventh grandchild, a grandson, was born. Today she is grateful to be alive, well, and with her loved ones, including those grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my grandson grow up,” Peggy says. “I always believed I’d beat this disease, and I did because of Dr. Mantry and The Liver Institute.”


The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas is nationally recognized for its successful treatment of liver and pancreatic diseases and transplants.

Learn more at Methodist Health System Liver Institute or call 214-947-4400.