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Cassandra Beasley – Breast Cancer Success Story

Cassandra Beasley acted fast against breast cancer

Taking care of business

Cassandra Beasley – Breast Cancer Success Story Breast cancer survivor Cassandra Beasley

Within weeks of a stage II breast cancer diagnosis, she had already had a lumpectomy and two other procedures to address the tumor and affected lymph nodes.When busy mom Cassandra Beasley got the results from her breast biopsy in fall 2013, “everything started moving fast,” she says.

The fast pace actually suited her get-it-done approach to life’s challenges.

“After I got the diagnosis, I was shocked, so I immediately went back to the Women’s Imaging Center at Methodist Charlton Medical Center, where I’d had my biopsy,” Cassandra says. “I wanted to know more. Right away, I was connected with a nurse navigator.”

Vicki Hallum, RN, CBCN, spent the next couple of hours talking with Cassandra.

“Vicki was wonderful,” Cassandra says. “I’m sure she was busy, but she interrupted her schedule to sit down with me and answer my questions. She let me know what to expect in the next few months.”

Armed with information, Cassandra went into problem-solving mode.

“I said, ‘I’ve got a life to live — let’s get started,’” she says.

Leaning on her support system

Cassandra’s positive outlook proved helpful in the months following surgery. In January, she began chemotherapy treatments, accompanied by her 11-year-old daughter (her “little treatment partner”).

Cassandra’s support group of family, friends, and co-workers, as well as her health care team at Texas Oncology – Methodist Charlton Cancer Center, made it easier for her to bear hair loss and the challenges of managing treatment.

“I can’t believe how nice the staff is,” Cassandra says. “When they say, ‘Call anytime,’ they really mean it. They’re thorough and take the time to make sure you’re getting the care you need.”

Moving to a brighter beat

Moving to a brighter beat Cassandra Beasley's Zumba friends danced
into action on Cassandra Day, when they wore
pink in honor of her fight against breast cancer!

In June, Cassandra completed radiation therapy.

“Cassandra’s radiation treatments were only a few minutes a day for 6½ weeks,” says Kesha Harris-Henderson, MD, radiation oncologist at Methodist Charlton. “She tolerated radiation treatment well. She experienced only mild side effects from her prior treatments and was able to keep up with her busy lifestyle.”

That was good news for Cassandra, since summer also marked her return to one of her joys: Zumba®.

“One of the first questions I asked after I was diagnosed was ‘How does this affect my Zumba?’?” she says, laughing. “I was so ready to go back, because it’s my dose of energy.”

ZumbaStaying connected to enjoyable activities as much as possible and maintaining a normal routine are among the top pieces of advice that Cassandra has for other cancer patients.

Her other advice? Keep your mammography appointment.

“Annual checkups and mammograms may be uncomfortable, but that’s nothing compared to what might happen if you skip them or put them off,” she says. “Early detection is easily worth it.”

Why wait?

Schedule your digital mammogram at Methodist Charlton’s Women’s Imaging Center today. Just call 214-947-5490.