Methodist Dallas is Advancing Single-Site® Robotic Surgery

womanObstetrician/gynecologist Theresa M. Patton, M.D. is one of only two gynecologists in Dallas performing complex gynecological surgery through a single tiny incision in the naval. The robotic procedure, offered at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, benefits the patient by reducing pain and leaving an almost invisible scar.

One of the common gynecological procedures performed today is the hysterectomy. The single-site robotic hysterectomy offers significant advancement over the current standard in minimally invasive robotic hysterectomies, which require several incisions. With a single-site procedure, the patient will go home from the hospital the same day as surgery, and she is typically back to a normal routine in two weeks, as compared with a three-day hospital stay and a six-week recovery period for an open hysterectomy.

“Two things that are typically important to patients are pain and scarring,” says Dr. Patton. “The single-site robotic surgery minimizes these concerns as much as possible and helps to ease patient anxiety that accompanies surgery. Single-site gynecologic surgery is a huge evolution in patient care.”

Single-site gynecological surgery continues to advance robotic single-site surgery, which also includes cholecystectomy, or gallbladder removal. Robotic surgeries are increasingly becoming the standard of care, enhancing the doctor’s control and dexterity.

In addition to the single-site gynecological and gallbladders procedures, surgeons practicing at Methodist Dallas are using the da Vinci® Si HD to perform other complex surgeries including pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple), liver resections, head and neck, and urological procedures. Surgeons at Methodist Dallas are the first and to date the only medical center in Texas offering the fully robotic Whipple procedure. For a list of robotic surgical procedures offered at Methodist visit


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Robin Daniels