Thank a Volunteer for Making Life Better

volunteerMethodist Mansfield Medical Center is blessed to have volunteers who make a difference in people’s lives, giving their time, energy, and effort to help others.

The dedicated volunteers and Auxiliary members at Methodist Mansfield are ambassadors for the hospital and well known for their concern for others, always offering an extra touch of compassion to everyone with whom they come in contact. Volunteers work throughout the hospital giving of themselves, lifting the spirits of others during difficult times, bringing companionship to patients, and supporting the hospital in fundraising and administrative efforts.

The volunteer program began in December 2006 and is still going strong with more than 100 members. The volunteers have accumulated more than 107,000 hours of service to our hospital and have contributed more than $225,000 through fundraising events.

Whether they’re working in fundraising; operating the gift shop; or assisting patients, visitors, and staff, volunteers are essential in almost every area of the community, touching lives with acts of kindness, generosity, and compassion.

Their dedication is second to none, and they care for others as if they were family, surrounding staff and patients with love, compassion, and understanding. They touch lives, allow patients to cry quietly on their shoulders with dignity, and help bring hope and relief to those suffering and in need. National Volunteer week in April gives us an opportunity to shine the spotlight on these outstanding individuals and recognize and honor them for their efforts. They’re one of our most valuable assets — the hundreds of men, women, and youth who selflessly give of their time and talents to serve us.

Our hospital has embraced the spirit of volunteerism and the opportunity to give back to others. From special events and programs throughout our hospital, to local schools and businesses who give employees time to volunteer, to individuals who quietly do good deeds behind the scenes, every single volunteer act improves the quality of life of our community and hospital. We are especially proud of our volunteers who quietly go about their day doing acts of kindness to help others and are grateful for their passion and dedication.

During National Volunteer week, we take time to celebrate and thank them for the honorable work that they do. It’s an opportunity to remind ourselves — as well as our community — that Methodist Mansfield volunteers are true blessings who give of themselves and help make life shine bright for all of us. Let’s all take a moment this week to recognize and thank our volunteers.

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Angel Biasatti