International Patients

Special Support for International Organ Transplant Patients and Their FamiliesInternational Patients

Because patients from other countries may need to make special arrangements, the professionals at the Methodist Dallas Transplant Institute offer one-on-one counseling about medical and financial issues.

The Methodist Dallas Transplant Institute is committed to serving the Latin community, beginning with the first kidney transplant for a patient from Ecuador in 1981 and a patient from Puerto Rico in 1983. To date, more than 325 kidney transplants have been performed on Puerto Rican patients. Methodist Dallas Transplant Institute has Spanish-speaking coordinators to communicate with our Spanish-speaking patients and operates two offices in Puerto Rico.

Call one of the numbers below for more information.

Kidney Transplant or Pancreas Transplant

Liver Transplant
1-877-4A-LIVER (1-877-425-4837)