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Liver Transplant Patient Education Video

Exploring the Process Potential Liver Transplant Patients Go Through

A liver transplant is a major undertaking — medically, financially, physically, and emotionally. This video from The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas will help walk you through the steps of successful liver transplantation.

Introduction to Liver Transplant

Phase 1 in the Liver Transplant Process — Referral Phase
After your doctor makes a diagnosis of liver disease and informs you that you will need a liver transplant.

Phase 2 in the Liver Transplant Process — Evaluation Phase
During which the patient's specific case is evaluated in order to determine whether a liver transplant is appropriate.

Phase 3 in the Liver Transplant Process — Listing Phase
When the patient is placed on the waiting list for the most appropriate donor organ.

Phase 4 in the Liver Transplant Process — Transplant Event
Liver transplant surgery and post-operative hospital stay.

Phase 5 in the Liver Transplant Process — Post-Liver Transplant Phase
Education about managing medication and your health at home.