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MedAssist Program

Providing free medication and support to low-income patients

Medication and Support

MedAssist is a prescription drug assistance program that connects patients with drug companies that will provide certain medications free, including insulin, glucometers, and test strips. MedAssist consists of an interdisciplinary team including a social worker, health educator, and a pharmacy technician. This team works together to educate patients about the importance of seeing their primary care provider regularly, getting annual blood work, taking their medications consistently, making healthier eating choices and being more physically active. The program also requires patients sign an agreement promising they will take their medication as prescribed, emphasizing personal responsibility for their own health.

The Golden Cross Ministry has funded the MedAssist Program since 2006.

Without proper medication, patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease can develop serious — sometimes fatal — medical problems. The only option for many patients is to seek treatment at the nearest emergency room once their conditions have progressed and their health has deteriorated.


In order to qualify for our services, patients must:

  • Be an established patient at the Golden Cross Academic Clinic
  • Be ineligible for or do not receive Medicaid, Medicare, or any private insurance
  • Have a chronic condition confirmed by a medical doctor
  • Provide proof of income

What you can expect

During your first visit, you can expect to meet with our social work staff. The following will occur:

  • Brief interview regarding your current medical status
  • An assessment of your current medical needs, including prescriptions
  • Review of your financial eligibility (you will need to bring ONE of these: your most recent tax return, Social Security Benefits Award letter, Unemployment Benefits Award letter, OR a notarized letter from your employer if you are paid in cash)
  • Answers to any questions you may have regarding the program and your medical needs
  • Information about your responsibility to be in the program, such as keeping appointments, getting required labs done, etc.


For more information, please call our Social Worker at 214-947-6700.

MedAssist Changes Lives

Mary* had struggled with diabetes for 20 years and the difficulty of controlling her blood glucose level had significantly damaged her kidneys. She would soon require dialysis unless she began treatment with insulin injections. Thanks to the Golden Cross Academic Clinic, Mary was enrolled in the MedAssist program, which provided her with diabetes education, a glucose-monitoring device and testing supplies, insulin, and syringes until she qualified for Medicaid several months later.

Beyond her prescription supplies, the patient education helped her to better understand her disease and its consequences, including liver failure, and to overcome her fear of daily injections. Within weeks of starting on insulin, she felt better. To date, as a result of intervention, treatment, and patient interaction, she has not required dialysis and has even volunteered to encourage and educate other patients who share her condition.

*Name changed for patient privacy.

Professional services at the Golden Cross Academic Clinic will be provided by medical residents supervised by physicians on the medical staff at Methodist Health System or by such physicians directly. Texas law prohibits hospitals from practicing medicine. The physicians on the Methodist Health System medical staff are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Methodist Health System.