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Behavioral Health and Addiction Recovery

Randi Duran – Behavioral Health Success Story

Medical mystery

Randi Duran’s debilitating symptoms baffled physicians for years — then she came to Methodist Richardson

Randi Duran sought answers for her unusual symptoms for three years.

Her symptoms included back pain, headaches, tunnel vision, and short-term memory loss, among others.

“After several years with no relief, I felt like I was going crazy,” says Randi, a fifth-grade teacher and mother of two. “I was depressed and wasn’t spending as much time with my children because it was taking me so much longer than normal to finish work.”

Hope lost — and found

Randi Duran – Behavioral Health Success Story

Poem penned by Randi Duran:

For several years, I'd given up
and tried to cope, 
and just before arriving here,
I almost gave up hope.
Thanks to all at Methodist,
that figured out "my case."
I feel God put me in good hands
And led me to this place!

One night in late February, Randi was feeling particularly vulnerable and called her mother. She had heard good feedback about Methodist Richardson Medical Center, and after some research online, they decided to check in at Methodist Richardson’s behavioral health and addiction recovery program.

“None of the physicians I was seeing were putting my symptoms together to make and treat a diagnosis,” Randi says. “I wasn’t myself, and I had given up both physically and psychologically. I went to Methodist Richardson seeking hope.”

The cadre of physicians and staff members who immediately went to work seeking relief for Randi was proof she had come to the right place.

“Psychiatrists, cardiologists, and neurologists examined my symptoms and investigated my medical history,” she says. “I was so impressed with how well they communicated and how closely they worked together.”

The correct diagnosis

After four weeks of observation and tests in different clinical areas of the facility, John H. Harney, MD, neurologist on the hospital’s medical staff, recognized the probability that Randi’s symptoms were caused by a disorder commonly known as Hughes syndrome, an autoimmune disease that affects the blood’s ability to clot. Consequences can include potentially fatal conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and deep vein thrombosis.

Randi immediately began a treatment regimen that included medication intended to help her brain heal from ministrokes that were negatively affecting its processing and short-term memory. 

“I immediately began to feel better,” she says. “I felt like myself again.”

A life restored

Randi is now making up for lost time with her children.

“For three years, I was sick and frustrated,” she says. “My kids suffered, too. They now see a tremendous difference in me. We spend a lot of quality time together.”

Randi also credits Methodist Richardson for giving her hope and ushering her through a difficult time in her life.

“Methodist Richardson cared enough to investigate what was wrong, make a diagnosis, and then put plans of action into place to make me better,” she says. “I can’t thank all of them enough. For the first time in years, life is looking great to me.” 

Have an unsolved mystery?

Physicians on the Methodist Richardson medical staff can provide evaluations and treatment for a variety of psychological, neurological, and autoimmune disorders. Learn more about our behavioral health and addiction recovery services at MethodistHealthSystem.org/MentalHealth.

 From the fall 2014 edition of Shine magazine

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