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Janie Means Gilmore – Joint Academy Student

Janie Means Gilmore – Joint Academy Student and Knee Replacement Patient at Methodist Dallas Medical Center

From the fall 2010 edition of Shine magazine

Janie Means Gilmore, Joint Academy student and knee replacement patient at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Joint Academy patient success storyJanie Means Gilmore knew it was time she had knee replacement surgery. She had very bad arthritis, and it was only getting worse. 

"I was favoring one side so much," Gilmore says. "My kids were telling me, 'Mom, I think you're limping today.'"

Her doctor said she would know when it was time to have the surgery, because she knew herself and her physical limitations.

"You always tell yourself you can go on a little longer," Gilmore says. "People always told me, 'Once you have the surgery, you'll wish you had it done a year ago.' And they were right. But you have to be physically and mentally prepared for surgery."

Your questions answered

The Joint Academy at Methodist Dallas Medical Center helped Gilmore prepare mentally for surgery.

"When my knee replacement surgery was scheduled at Methodist Dallas, my surgeon, Dr. Phil Berry, highly recommended that I attend the Joint Academy so they could answer any questions I might have," Gilmore says. 
Janie Means Gilmore, Joint Academy student and knee replacement patient at Methodist Dallas Medical Center Joint Academy patient success story"But I didn't have any questions after the class, because my instructor was so thorough. He also gave me a huge notebook that answered any questions I may have later."

"I thought the Joint Academy was a great idea, because you always have all these questions, like 'How will I really feel after surgery?' And the class answered a lot of those questions for me," she says. "My doctor had already answered a lot of my questions, but by the time I got to the Joint Academy I'd had a chance to ponder what he had said and think of more questions. Also, I knew at the Joint Academy I would receive firm facts and sound advice and not just what other people told me they had experienced with their surgery.

"We also took a tour of the surgery area, and he showed me where I would check in, so the day of the surgery I knew exactly where to go and where my room would be. That relieved a lot of anxiety and apprehension. He also showed us models of the hip and knee that we could hold in our hands. It was a great experience at the Joint Academy and Methodist Dallas."

Walking better than she has in years

When asked how she is doing, Gilmore says: "Now, I'm doing great! I'm walking better than I've walked in three or four years."

Methodist Joint Academy is available at Methodist Dallas and Methodist Charlton medical centers. For more information, call 214-947-0044.


Texas law prohibits hospitals from practicing medicine. The physicians on the Methodist Health System medical staff, including those practicing in connection with the Methodist Joint Academy, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Methodist Health System, Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Methodist Charlton Medical Center, or Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

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