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Heart disease treatment at Methodist Charlton

Research and technology are providing increasingly effective treatments for heart disease, the number one killer of both men and women in the U.S. Methodist Charlton Cardiology is taking full advantage of these breakthroughs, offering our community a wide range of innovative cardiac treatment options. 

Cardiovascular Disease Treatment Options 

  • Cardioversion—cardiac treatment that delivers a brief electrical shock to the heart to prompt it to resume a normal rhythm. Most non-emergency, elective cardioversions are performed to treat problems with the heart rhythm such as atrial fibrillation. You are given medication to stay comfortable during the procedure and are discharged soon after recovery. In emergency situations, a cardioversion can correct fast and irregular heartbeats that cause fainting, low blood pressure, chest pain, difficulty breathing and/or loss of consciousness. 
  • Pacemaker implantation surgery—minor procedure to place a small device in the chest that sends electrical signals to the heart, helping it beat at a constant and normal rate. 
  • Coronary angioplasty (or PTCA)—procedure performed in our cardiac catheterization lab to open narrowed, blocked sections of arteries using a balloon on the tip of a long, thin catheter that looks like a big, fancy IV. The catheter is inserted into a large artery in the leg and threaded to the narrowed section of the artery. The balloon is then inflated to flatten the buildup on the inside of the artery, widening the passageway for blood flow. If you undergo a cardiac catheterization and are found to have blockages, your cardiologist will often repair them immediately using the angioplasty procedure. 
  • Coronary stent insertion—involves a tiny, flexible stainless steel cage that looks like the spring in a ballpoint pen. Your cardiologist inserts the stent after performing an angioplasty to help keep the artery open, maintaining adequate blood flow for the heart muscle. Some stents (drug-eluting stents) are coated with a special medicine to help keep the artery open. 

See a Cardiac Treatment Specialist

Find a heart physician at the Methodist Charlton Medical Center. For more information about our comprehensive heart diagnostics and cardiovascular disease treatment options, please call us at 972-498-4000 or see our 3-D cardiovascular patient education animations.


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